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  • The 2019 IFS Single Membership commences 1st January, 2019 and expires 31 December, 2019
  • You may join from 01 August, 2018 up until there are 500 members at which point the 2019 IFS Membership closes.
  • Membership cost is $91.00.
  • Each membership requires a unique email address (this email address will receive all electronic correspondence from this website).
  • All memberships need to be re-subscribed each year – there are no automatic renewals.
  • Each member is issued a membership card via mail. This card entitles you entry to all the films for 2019. You need to show your card at the cinema door.
  • You need a valid postal address to be a member.
  • You should find answers to any common queries in our FAQs or you could ask a question at Contact Us.
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